Please let me introduce myself My name is Lori and I started photography as a hobby and it has slowly become my part time job. I love that I can work around my 4 beautiful girls and my husbands work hrs, that way we can be able to be there for our girls as much as possible and hope to give them many memory's in their life's and with them knowing we 100% care about them and their dreams in lives. My goal hasn't ever changed here, I love to take natural pictures and really being able to get to know you and your family so I can give you the best pictures as I can. I always love being able to bring out the real smiles and something that really shows you/kids/family, those smiles, silly faces and fun times makes my day and makes my job not actually a job because I love every moment of it. I'm even blessed to have many clients becomes great friends even some I love just as much as my own family. I have had many laughs, smiles, even get well notes over time, so I want to welcome you not just to a page but a family of many AMAZING people.